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On Brexit- the unthinkable and unreasonable

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There are risks and dangers so great that it is hard to come to terms with the idea that they exist and may materialize. The magnitude of it all makes them seem unreal. And when they finally turn into reality, they feel like a bad dream.
I never thought Brexit would happen. It’s a vote against all reason that condemns a country and its new generations, that harms the rest of the continent and that opposes the best and most successful political organization in history precisesly when we need it the most.

History is full of examples showing how we are perfectly capable of acting against our interests screwing up all that we have. When one sees something so absurd like this, when one sees Farage, Le Pen, Trump and essentially any dangerous extremist celebrate, dancing as the ship sinks, when you think that a few selfish misinformed votes can afect the future of your children, then frustration and anger tend to take the place of hope on reason.

If the EU is sometimes hard to defend to some people that is only because it is the guarantee to many of the best things we have, so much that we take for granted that they will always continue to be there no matter what. And that is fatally wrong.

This is a very sad day. I only hope other Member States would realize that there is only the way forward, and that the alternative is the abyss.

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

24 June 2016 at 7:25 am

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