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What I have been up to (besides obsessing about Brexit)

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The past month has certainly been intense. And to think that the month of June had started out so well. Apart from obsessing about the future of the UK, I have been travelling a bit, to Belgium and Spain, and also within the UK. Here is a summary of what I have been up to (and whom I have met)

In June, I attended a conference organised by the Association of European Competition Law Judges (see the programme here). Mercedes Pedraz, judge at the Spanish Audiencia Nacional, was a wonderful host.
In my panel (chaired by Kimmo Mikkola), I discussed how the balance between competition law and intellectual property is changing. In this regard, I argued that courts reviewing administrative action are uniquely equipped to understand and addressed the challenges raised by the ongoing shift. A lightly edited version of my script can be found here.
I was pleased to present together with – and meet for the first time – Scott Hemphill, one of the top antitrust scholars of the day (and, above all, a proud alumnus of the LSE). He was kind enough to send me his presentation (which focused on pay-for-delay agreements in the pharmaceutical industry). You can access it here.

In Bruges, I presented at the symposium organised by the students of the College of Europe taking the Law & Economics option. It yet another conference on geo-blocking with – yet again – Thomas Kramler. What I enjoyed is that the nature of the event forced me to give a different perspective, more focused on the underlying economics of copyright and geo-blocking. It was a perfect opportunity to insist on one of my favourite themes: the Court of Justice has consistently displayed a solid understanding of economic issues in its Article 101 TFEU case law, from Societe Technique Miniere to Cartes Bancaires. My presentation can be found here.

I delivered a presentation on a similar topic earlier this month at the Law Society, which has a Competition Section run by Isabel Taylor and Stephen Smith. It was a really pleasant event with an even more pleasant after-event. Click here for more information (including the presentation).

A couple of weeks ago I travelled to Newcastle to speak at a conference on ‘Fossilisation and Innovation in Law’. The scope of the conference was not devoted to our field, but there were a couple of presentations on EU Competition Law and US Antitrust. Jonathan Galloway, one of the co-organisers and a good friend of Chillin’ Competition, presented on Antitrust Utility in the Face of Innovation. Bill Kovacic spoke about the FTC. For those thinking ‘one trick pony’ after reading the above, I am pleased to let you know that my presentation was not even on competition law, but on the evolution of telecommunications regulation. Click here and check for yourselves!

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22 July 2016 at 11:47 am

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