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The sharing economy- Legal Challenges

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Sharing economy

I spoke yesterday at this event in Madrid about the legal challenges brought by the sharing economy, and about how these can help us improve existing regulation in many markets. This is a topic that elicits very conflicting and sometimes passionate views, but, as I explained, without frictions between reality and the law there would be no progress (and much worse, no lawyers).

The topic is not directly related to competition law, although it has much to do with EU Law and with the interaction between the law and the competitive process. It also has some links (althoguh less than it may seem) with a topic I will be discussing in Brussels in a few days: should online platforms be regulated?

My presentation was in Spanish, but I’m so proud of the ppt I used (the result of an unevenly shared effort with my friend Enrique Colmenero) that I can´t help posting it here. You will see an app that we have created with am interface that might seem familiar and that enables you to find different categories of lawyers near you 😉

You can check it out here: Sharing Economy _A.Lamadrid

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

5 November 2015 at 1:05 pm

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Paul Nihoul proposed to be a judge at the General Court. Congratulations!

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Paul Nihoul

The news has been out already for a while (thanks, Gianni!). Paul Nihoul, Professor of Law at the University of Louvain, has been proposed by the Belgian Government as a candidate for the General Court (he would join on 1 September 2016). Warmest congratulations from Chillin’ Competition!

I have known Paul since 2010. He was a member of my thesis jury and we have remained in touch since (last time in Japan for the ASCOLA conference). I would emphasise a personality trait that will no doubt assist him in his duties at the General Court. Paul is genuinely open to views that are different to his and is an excellent listener. His reaction when he read a blog post of mine that contradicted his views illustrates this very well. He was the one to take the initiative and contacted me to understand my position. He then invited me to contribute with a dissenting piece to a volume he is editing on the topic! This is definitely the openness one hopes to find in a judge.

I will also mention that his students have very good memories of him as a teacher (as I have wonderful memories of the day of my PhD defence). Many of his students from Louvain come to the LSE for an LLM, and it is fairly clear that it was Paul who sparked their interest in Competition Law. The ability to attract talented young students to our discipline is something for which we should all be grateful!

Written by Pablo Ibanez Colomo

4 November 2015 at 11:51 am

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