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TV Appearance

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The European Parliament’s (EP) resolution on competition policy adopted a week ago has gone largely unnoticed (it is an answer to the Commission’s Annual Report for 2008). Shortly after the Lisbon Treaty, of which the EP is the big winner (source, P. CRAIG), this resolution signals  the EP’s intention to be more vocal on antitrust issues. The resolution contains a great number of proposals, such as a: (i) call for introducing individual sanctions for competition law infringements; (ii) a greater focus on small and medium enterprises; and (iii) requests for the opening of sector inquiries. My gut feeling: I am skeptical as to what the Commission should do with this. This resolution may further politicize competition matters, and I therefore dislike it.

The good thing though: I was interviewed on Canal Z channel. The link to the interview can be found here (around 2.10).

Thanks to E. Provost for the pointer.

Written by Nicolas Petit

15 March 2010 at 11:38 am