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Slides on Review of the Rules Applicable to Horizontal Cooperation Agreements

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I attach below the slides presented  at the GCLC lunch talk yesterday, and paste hereafter info on forthcoming GCLC events:
  • 48th lunch talk – 7 July – First Settlement Decision in the DRAMs Case, with K. Dekeyser, P. Mansfield and R. Snellders
  • 49th lunch talk – 23 September – Quantification of Damages with Judge P. Roth and A. Lofaro

A. Gutermuth – Horizontals [Lunch Talk GCLC – 7 June 2010]

D. Woods – Horizontals [Lunch Talk GCLC – 7 June 2010]

Written by Nicolas Petit

8 June 2010 at 1:06 pm