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Competition in the Belgian Electronic Communications Sector

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Please find below a ppt presentation which reviews recent decisions in order to assess whether – as  argued in official circles – the Competition Council has beefed up its enforcement policy in the electronic communications sector. It draws on two articles that I recently co-authored with Ief Daems (Howrey LLP) and Elise Provost (ULg).

For more, see I. Daems et N. Petit, « La fin de la récréation pour l’opérateur historique? », TBM-RCB, 2009/3, p.66 ; and —N. Petit et E. Provost, « L’émancipation du Conseil de la concurrence? », TBM-RCB, 2010/2, p.89.

Apologies for the absence of post yesterday.

Jurisprudence récente en droit belge de la concurrence – Le secteur des communications électroniques (NP 11 09 10)

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11 September 2010 at 1:31 pm

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