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OFT and Competition Commission to merge

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There had been rumours about it in the past few weeks, but it now appears to be confirmed: the Office of Fair Trading and the Competition Commission will be merging as part of the British coalition government´s plan to cut costs (the monopoly in the enforcement of the competition rules is justified on the basis of its alleged efficiencies).

Despite its apparent complexity and notwithstanding certain duplication of tasks between the two agencies, the British enforcement system  has until now worked extremely well. According to press reports, some regard this move as a negative one,  fearing that it will endanger the reputation of the system. I (obviously not an expert on British competition law ) see no major objections to it.  Does anyone have strong feelings about it?

Unrelated: I´ve just learnt via a communication from the ABA that you run the risk of being disbarred if you charge $3.500/hour fees, call a court clerk a “f…. bitch” and suggest that the judge in front of you is a pedophile. I suppose we´ll all have to adapt and change our argumentative techniques..

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

15 October 2010 at 12:10 pm