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New members of the Spanish Competition Authority

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We have just learnt that this afternoon the Spanish government has appointed Joaquín García Bernaldo de Quirós as the new President of the Comisión Nacional de la Competencia (CNC), and Paloma Ávila de Grado as a new member of the CNC´s Council.

García Bernaldo de Quirós was until now  the President of the Administrative Law section of the Tribunal Superior de Justicia of Andalucía. An interesting interview with the soon-to-be President of the CNC is available here (in Spanish).

Paloma Ávila de Grado was until now the director of the Advocacy Division of the CNC. Click here to check her CV (English)

Congratulations to both for the appointment, and the best of lucks in the exercise of their new responsibilities.

The current President of the CNC, Luis Berenguer (pictured above), will therefore be stepping down from the post in a few days. We will not hide now that we have been, and are, critical with some of the CNC´s recent attitudes and decisions, and in the past we have clearly stated in this blog the reasons underlying our criticism. However, now that no one can take our words as interested praising, we also want to acknowledge the many good things that Luis Berenguer has done during his tenure. Berenguer was one of the greatest supporters of the Competition Act passed in 2007; he is to a great extent responsible for the increased awareness of Spanish society about competition law issues; and he has been a respected leader of an institution whose members he has consistently supported against all criticism. In sum, he has been a good President, and as such he should be acknowledged.

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

16 September 2011 at 8:03 pm

Pay Tribute

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A while ago, Prof. I. Goavere (College of Europe) invited me to write a short text for a liber amicorum in honour for a god of EU law, Prof. J. Bourgeois.

My paper is entitled: “Parallel Trade: Econ-oclast Thoughts on a Dogma of EU Competition Law“. Alfonso – and his clients – are fans of this paper :).

The  book has now been published. It is entitled “Trade and competition in the EU and beyond”  and appears at E. Elgar.

I attach hereafter the flyer.

Flyer Trade and Competition

Written by Nicolas Petit

16 September 2011 at 8:57 am