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Costs in EU Competition Law

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Competition lawyers often get lost in the semantics of costs…

To help clarify how and why costs are used in competition proceedings, the Brussels School of Competition (BSC) will organize on 9 May a half-day compliance seminar (this seminar was due in early 2012, but was rescheduled).

Amongst other things, this seminar intends to review recent case-law developments, in particular the recent judgments handed down by the EU Courts in the Post Danmark (C-209/10) and Telefónica (T-336/07) cases. Hopefully the Tomra ruling will also be out by this time.

In line with the interdisciplinary spirit of the BSC, this seminar attempts to “blend” competition law and economics. Under each selected topic (see  agenda here), it thus brings together a team of one lawyer and one economist, who will seek to provide an integrated perspective on the issue.

This event is a joint initiative of the BSC and of the Institute for European Legal Studies (IEJE) of the University of Liege (ULg). The registration form can be found here.

Written by Nicolas Petit

4 April 2012 at 10:32 am

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