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The naysayers pretend that this blog is for “self-promotion“.

Last WE, we received again a comment by “Someone” (or is this Raymond again?) who bashed us for our lack of objectivity, our allegedly one-sided editorial line, and other things that I cannot even recall.

Since we do not publish rubbish, especially when anonymous, we decided to trash the comment.

Now, a few reminders are in order:

  1. The reading of this blog is not compulsory.  Escaping Chillin’Competition is just “one click away“;
  2. There are no barriers to entry on this market. A blog costs nothing to set up. Those who may be willing to contradict us can freely do so;
  3. We do not self promote, and certainly not Alfonso (did you read yesterday’s love declaration?). Our Friday slot series and the Economist corner bring ample proof of this;
  4. If I am the one to self-promote, it is because I am a fairly anonymous guy: I have a twin brother, and I have two very famous homonyms (see here and here).

Written by Nicolas Petit

9 May 2012 at 12:00 pm

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