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We owe you an apology

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We apologize. We have always stood up for the proposition that whenever an error is made one has to publicly admit the blame, apologize and carry on.

We do not know how it happened, but we have fallen short in our responsibility to inform/entertain readers of this blog as we should have.

In sum, we are very sorry to have missed this story for over a month:

On June 25, the Federal Trade Commission closed its investigation into whether Church & Dwight Co., maker of Trojan-brand condoms and other consumer products, had attempted to monopolize the U.S. condom market. (see Closing Letter here).

Monopolize the U.S. condom market“; isn’t that something? We are told by insiders that the FTC had undertaken action on this market given its special characteristics. Aside from the well-known elasticity of the condoms market, there are apparently other features that incentivize market players to engage in hard-core practices/naked restraints. Some stakeholders are said to be disappointed by what they perceive as a premature climax.

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

24 July 2012 at 10:54 am

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