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Some people are real professionals.

In response to a mass mailing a few days ago, we received the following Out of Office message:

À : Utilisateur de Microsoft Office
Objet : Out of Office: LAST CALL: 8th Annual Conference: Competition Law in Times of Economic Crisis: In Need for Adjustment ­

I apologise for my absence.  I am out of the office on Friday and the weekend.  I have access to email except when travelling mid-Friday and Sunday evening, but my response time may not be as timely as you would like.  If you expect a more immediate response, please contact my assistant at …

Unconventional. Had never seen a WE OOO email before.

My fear is that if lawyers start to apologise for being OOO on the WE, then those jobs will be increasingly difficult to sell to students, and in particular to clever ones.

Or maybe it’s just me, and I should just design my own WE OOO email?

Written by Nicolas Petit

6 November 2012 at 11:38 am

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