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State aid and the European Economic Constitution

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With tough budget cuts in State universities and the bonkers rates charged by some academic publishers, university libraries are being margin squeezed.

At chillin’competition, we have thus decided to advertise competition law and economics books, provided we receive a free copy from the editor.

It is our pleasure today to advertise a new book entitled “‘State Aid and the European Economic Constitution” by Francesco de Cecco. The book is published by Hart Publishing. A full description + all relevant info can be found hereafter.

State Aid and the European Economic Constitution

By Francesco de Cecco

Recent years have seen the rise of EU State aid law as a crucial component of the European economic constitution. To date, however, the literature has neglected the contribution of this area of EU law to the internal market. This book seeks to fill this gap in our understanding of the economic constitution by exploring the significance of State aid law in addressing questions that go to the core of the internal market project. It does so by examining the case law relating to three different activities that Member States engage in: market participation, market regulation, and funding for Services of General Economic Interest. Each of these areas offers insights into fundamental questions surrounding the economic constitution, such as the separation between the State and the market, the scope for Member States to engage in regulatory competition, and the tension between market and nonmarket concerns.

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The Author

Francesco de Cecco is a Lecturer in Law at Newcastle University.

December 2012   210pp   Hbk   9781849461054  RSP: £50 / US$100

20% DISCOUNT PRICE: £40 /  US$80

Order Online

If you would like to place an order you can do so through the Hart Publishing website (links below). To receive the discount please mention ref: ‘CCB’ in the special instructions field. Please note that the discount will not be shown on your order but will be applied when your order is processed.

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23 January 2013 at 4:16 pm