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The Odds of Commission v Google

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A few days ago, a funny post of mine scheduled for publication was deleted by my one-handed friend Alfonso.

With his dysfunctional arm he can’t write. But he certainly can press the erase button.

I will not ressuscitate this post on pain of causing him a heart attack.

But I have decided to write something in the same spirit. After all, we (luckily) don’t live in North Korea. I leave it to our readers to guess what my censored post was about.

So here we go. With the expiration of Commissioner Almunia’s ultimatum on 31 January 2013, journalists were star crazy yesterday.

Habemus papamIt has arrived” said today a popelike Joaquin Almunia, alluding to Google’s proposed settlement package.

Now the question is as follows. In Commission v Google: 

I will try to run more polls of this kind in the future (subject to the prior authorization of my learned co-blogger).

Written by Nicolas Petit

1 February 2013 at 4:30 pm