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Antitrust History

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A lot has been written on the history of the EU antitrust rules.

Those familiar with Jean Monnet’s Memoirs know that the wording of EU competition law owes a lot to the drafting skills of George Ball.

But I personnally did not know that the Brussels office of Cleary, the oft-cited n°1 law firm on the Brussels market:

was established in 1960 as a direct consequence of the close relationship between Jean Monnet and former Under-Secretary of State, George Ball, one of the firm’s founding partners and legal advisor to Jean Monnet on the implementation of the Marshall Plan and the drafting of the Treaties of the European Communities.

Caveat 1: this is no advertisement for Cleary.

Caveat 2: this is not another rant at conflicts of interests.

For more on Ball, see here and here.

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11 March 2013 at 4:27 pm

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