Relaxing whilst doing Competition Law is not an Oxymoron

Leave of absence

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The question that I get the most often from readers of Chillin’Competition relates to how I manage to reconcile an already quite time consuming job –and a few adjacent academic and business activities – with blog writing (other typical questions being: why don’t you change your pic on the blog? why don’t you use a fake pic of a better looking dude? do you really not make any money out of the blog? (that has a follow up: are you dumb?); why are you not at a fancy firm with a sequence of anglo-saxon names? how does your firm let you write a blog? are you and Nico lovers, friends, do you hate each other?; are you two the same person?)

I generally have a decently good -if long- response to that, and the fact is that I’ve -generally- managed to find the time to juggle everything.

However, I recently whined  justified myself wrote about not being able to find the time needed to write something worth your reading time, and commited to make a greater effort. However,  in spite of my good intentions, I will not be able to honor my commitment (including the one about writing down my detailed views on Google’s commitments).

I will be taking a short leave of absence until 30 May. In a way it’s a pity, because there’s most interesting stuff going on on which to comment, but work these daysis as interesting as it is absorbing. As it is becoming customary, Pablo Ibáñez (LSE) will be covering my absence.

P.S. On Google’s proposed commitments, and in a nutshell, I would argue that the Commission’s strong hand play has yielded very good results for the Institution. Whereas I retain my doubts about the underlying and arguably unknown theories of harm, it’s hard to deny that the Commission has managed to extract very significant concessions from Google that should make its competitors’ lives easier.

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

16 May 2013 at 6:41 pm

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