Relaxing whilst doing Competition Law is not an Oxymoron

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with two presentations:

Number 1: evidence in oligopoly settings (or can tacit collusion be proved ex post)? My submission is yes. I give examples of papers that proved tacit collusion, and try to explain how economists do this . I gave this presentation 10 days ago at the IMEDIPA conference in Athens. Looking back at the success of the event, Greek competition law is NOT in crisis.

Evidence in Oligopoly Settings – IMEDIPA N Petit 8 June 2013

Number 2: under what substantive standard of abuse should the Commission deal with injunctions on FRAND-encumbered SEPs? I gave this presentation at GCR’s conference last week. A nice but pricy event + quite one-sided. I got some free tickets for my LLM studs.

Injunctions for FRAND encumbered SEPs – GCR Conference – June 2013 – Petit

Written by Nicolas Petit

20 June 2013 at 10:20 am

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