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New job (2)

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Nico just got a new job, as an advisor of the Belgian Competition Authority. Other good friends of this blog, like Laurent de Muyter and Charles Gheur, have also been appointed as advisors to the new authority:

This means that every once in a while Nico will now get to decide over real cases.  !!

Now that he belongs to the authority I guess he won’t be able to comment academically about their cases, for there could be a conflic of interest…  🙂

Now seriously, congrats to Nico, Charles, Laurent and all other newly appointed advisors.

P.S. And yes, he did get a new car as well, but he doesn’t want to post the pic (I guess he’s afraid that his students will want to scratch it…)

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

10 September 2013 at 7:36 pm

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