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A Proposal in relation to Commitments

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I attach hereafter a link to the presentation on Article 102 TFEU that I gave yesterday at the Mardis du droit de la concurrence.

I end up concluding that time is ripe for Communication on Article 9 (or a notice, or guidelines, or a guidance, or whatever a little formal).

But more importantly, I make substantive suggestions to modify the Article 9 tool (eg. to introduce a bifurcation within Article 9 for protracted infringements, etc.).

Commissioner Almunia has been described in the press as “Mr. Commitments”.

I believe that he would really leave office on a high note with the adoption of a Communication rationalising and codifying the practice of COMP in this controversial, and often misunderstood, area.

Présentation N PETIT – Mardi du droit de la concurrence – Article 102 TFUE

Written by Nicolas Petit

15 January 2014 at 12:37 pm