Relaxing whilst doing Competition Law is not an Oxymoron

On the FTC and LSD

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You might remember that last week, in the post in which we we announced the date of the Chilling’Competition Conference, I included a sort-of-hidden sort-of-joke saying that we were taking inspiration from the organizers of another recent successful conference.

I didn’t explain what that conference was about but instead included a hyperlink. Those of you that clicked on it (only 195) were redirected to a The Guardian’s piece about a homeopathy conference in Germany where a number of people were intoxicated with an LSD-like drug and experienced psychotic hallucinations, cramps, racing heartbeats and shortage of breath only to be found rolling around on the floor by the emergency services. [the piece was sent to me by my colleague Luis Ortiz with a phrase saying “you need to use this somehow on the blog”. How Luis got to that news in the first place is still beyond me…]

When I wrote this I truly was not thinking about organizing any LSD related event under the cover of an homeopathy conference (sorry if that’s a dissapointment; there’ll be other surprises though).

But others seem to have taken our suggestion seriously. Today I ran a quick search for upcoming antitrust-related stuff, and thanks to Reuters I discovered this (really, no kidding, see here)


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Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

22 September 2015 at 5:34 pm

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