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@ the European Parliament on digital platforms

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The European Internet Foundation invited me to participate at a dinner-debate on digital platforms held last Tuesday at the European Parliament. It’s the second time that I go to the Parliament to discuss this sort of issues (the first time was this one) and, for someone who, like me, has an odd frustated political vocation, that is always an interesting experience.

It felt partly like a déjà vue , but it was fun. The main innovation in my speech as opposed to my previous interventions on the subject was a change in the jokes used (the new ones weren’t better, though), but essentially the ideas I developed there are the same ones that I set out here as part of our inter-platform dialogue with the DisCo blog.

The type of audience that was present on Tuesday (MEPs, representatives of the industry and policy experts) also led me to emphasize a message: that the passage of laws is not more important than the outcome of their enforcement. 

A video about the event is already available here. I understand that the complete recording of all interventions will soon be made available here.

By the way, in case you haven’t read it, last week the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the annual report on competition policy. I like how it “welcomes the new Commissioner’s refusal to bow to political pressure” and then goes on to give directions on what to do regarding specific companies and markets… There are nevertheless some interesting ideas in it.

P.S. The next “public appearance” will take place tomorrow in Madrid:  Seminar on recent developments in competition law (EN_ESP) 29 Jan (this time on the notion of “single and continuous infringement”).

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28 January 2016 at 2:50 pm

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