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Dear readers of Chilling Competition. We need you.

The world recently movilized because of a gorilla. Some time ago this blog also movilized to help in the search of a parrot lost by Trevor Soames (see here). Today we are asking you to change the fate of a knitted elephant.

Commissioner Vestager has knitted an elephant (some wondered what the Commission was doing these days 😉 ), and she has offered it to however gets the most retweets in the comment to her tweet. I saw this while boarding a plane and gave it a try. Granted, my response is not elephantastic but this blog needs a pet, so we need your help. In case it helps (playing the cuteness card…) my 21 month son Edu (who already helps me prepare hearings) would be its custodian.

So please help us by retweeting (and asking your family, friends to do it or by creating fake Twitter profiles 😉 ) this :



Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

9 June 2016 at 6:47 pm

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