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Sold out!

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The 180 tickets we have released for the 2nd Chillin’Competition conference  have all been taken within 6 minutes of being released, and there are already over 100 people on the waitlist!  😮

Thanks so much for the interest

If you tried to register after 10.06 you will have been offered to join a waitlist.

So how does that work?

-We have a number of non-released tickets reserved for sponsors, and we will be releasing those depending on how many our sponsors want. The moment a slot frees up the 1st person in the waitlist will receive an email giving she/he 24 hours to take the place;

-On top of that, we see that some of the people who managed to get a ticket work for sponsors (and a couple are even speakers), so it is very likely that some more tickets will be made available very soon;

-Finally, if a very high number of people still remain in the waitlist, we will talk to the managers of the venue to try to increase maximum capacity (not sure that’s even possible in spite of the price, but worth a try)



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14 October 2016 at 9:39 am

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Registrations now open

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You can now register to the 2nd Chillin’Competition conference by clicking here: 

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14 October 2016 at 9:00 am

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