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Chillin’Competition’s World Competition Day Competition

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Today is World Competition Day.

Whilst we are not sure the world should be in a celebratory mood, we think it is useful to use this day to reflect on things we could do better.

On our part, we have thought long and hard about the way in which we could use this blog to effectively contribute to the cause of competition.

We now think we have the idea: a meme competition.

In adherence to platform neutrality principles this blog does not want to discriminate against people over 35 (who may not know what a meme is..); we’ll also run a caption competition for you soon, don’t you worry 😉

So, the idea is that you create your own meme (or find one) and send it to us. It can be about competition law or about the very notion of competition. A random example (found online):


Since I’d rather not use my professional email for this I have asked my colleague Sam (who’s ok as a lawyer but excellent at memes and moreover cannot refuse my request) 🙂  to use his, collect all your absurd ideas and rank them.

Please send yours before December 16th to The two best memes get a private Post Danmark II discussion with Pablo and myself  a selection of Christimas delicacies from my family’s bakery. A selection of our favorites will also be posted on the blog.

P.S. Those who do not get the free delicacies should not despair; there is an online shop too  😉  (please note that I’m only saying this selflessly to help the Commission’s efforts of bolstering e-commerce accross Member States…).

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

5 December 2016 at 12:57 pm

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