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Competition Law and Big Data: Do Competition Authorities Know How To Do It? #CPIChronicle

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You may remember that just before Christmas I wrote a post saying that Pablo was putting pressure on me to write a joint article on selectivity in State aid during the holidays? Well, it should not surprise you to know that we never got around to it (it will happen, though).

We nevertheless did take the time to do some other non-work writing: Pablo did his thing (probably wrote the majority of his forthcoming books) and I did mine (wrote a couple of short pieces on general issues), namely one editorial for the next issue of the Journal of European Competition Law and Practice on “Competition Law and Fairness” (more on this soon), and one piece on competition and big data (co-written with my colleague Sam) for Competition Policy International’s special Antitrust Chronicle issue on “Competition in Digital Markets”.

The latter contribution -which builds on the Dan Ariely quote above…- can be freely accessed here, courtersy of CPI: cpi-lamadrid-villiers

UPDATE: Pablo tells me that Common Market Law Review has published today an article on this topic by our friends Francisco Costa Cabral and Orla Lynskey; it will certainly provide you with insightful thoughts and views that may moreover diverge from the ones developed in our piece.

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24 January 2017 at 10:54 am

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