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EU Courts and Competition Law: Myths, Gaps and Challenges- 3 July 2017- The Final Programme

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Please find below the final programme for our forthcoming workshop next Monday.  Each speaker will discuss a specific topic for 5 minutes. We will then have 20-25 minutes per round to engage in a discussion with all attendees. We are very much looking forward to it!

Remember that it will take place at the Fondation Universitaire, Rue D’ Egmont 11, Brussels, from 15.00 to 19.00 h. 


PRESENTATION OF Evidence, Proof and Judicial Review in EU Competition Law-  Advocate General Nils Wahl

FIRST ROUND (moderated by Pablo Ibañez Colomo)

  • Alfonso Lamadrid: “Of facts and law: what is the role of the Courts in competition cases?”
  • Denis Waelbroeck: “Margin of appraisal and Article 7 ECHR”
  • Trevor Soames: “Will the deference previously given by the General Court to the EU Commission’s decisions where its reasoning could be labelled as comprising matters of complex economic assessment post Menarini, KME and Chalkor be rolled back?”
  • Jean-François Bellis: “Why do so many defendants choose to settle rather than appeal?”

SECOND ROUND (moderated by Fernando Castilllo)

  • José Luis Buendía: “Burden of proof and State aid litigation: from Myth to Logos”
  • Eric Gippini Fournier: “It’s the dominance, stupid!…and some other thoughts”
  • Pinar Akman: “The Objectives of Article 102 TFEU and the case law”.

COFFEE AND REINOSA BREAK (you will understand once you are there…)

THIRD ROUND (moderated by Eric Gippini)

  • Sir Nicholas Forwood: “Do the procedure and case handling practices of the GC need review if they are to provide effective “full review” in complex competition cases?”
  • Nicholas Khan: “Confidentiality in the context of litigation before the EU Courts”
  • Fernando Castillo: “Over the past 20 years, no witnesses have been called to testify in a competition case. Is the Galp judgment a game-changer?”
  • Pablo Ibáñez Colomo: “What is effective judicial review?”

FOURTH ROUND (moderated by Alsonso Lamadrid)

  • GC Judge Krystyna Kowalik-Bańczyk: “The scope of reforming powers of the General Court as far as sanctions are concerned”
  • Thomas Graf: “Could the Courts do more to develop the coherence and predictability of competition rules?”
  • Anne-Lise Sibony: “The prospects for behavioural antitrust in the EU, with a focus on litigation”
  • Advocate General Nils Wahl: “Why I don’t like Ctrl+C”

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