Relaxing whilst doing Competition Law is not an Oxymoron


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Following the success of our Meme Competition last year (see here), we are launching a Fine Arts Competition. The challenge is to come up with a painting that reflects an aspect of the daily life of people working in our field. The 5 winners will receive a special prize. You can submit your ideas until May 30th, emailing them to We will be publishing a weekly selection every Thursday Monday. Enjoy!

The examples that follow are the result of today’s coffee-time brainstorming at the office…

  1. “A clarification of previous case law”.Resultado de imagen de cuadrosdocentes

2. “New lawyer joining the case team


3. “So, the meeting at DG Comp went well…

Resultado de imagen de cuadrosdocentes

4. “When everyone suspects who it was that asked for leniency

Resultado de imagen de cuadrosdocentes evaluacion educacion fisica

5. “Inability to Pay

Resultado de imagen de art beggar

6. “Phase II is over…

Phase II

7. “So, who said this was legal?


8. “Look! There really is a third paragraph!

Resultado de imagen de cuadrosdocentes

9.”How I imagine my opposing counsel

Resultado de imagen de cuadro docente

10. “How my opposing counsel sees himself”


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10 April 2018 at 4:41 pm

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