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5 Reasons to Register To…. (clickbait)

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5 reasons why you should register to the upcoming module on EU Competition Procedure at the Brussels School of Competition. Click here for more info and to register.

1. Unless you are a student at the College of Europe (in which case I’m sorry that you also had to suffer through my guest lectures and the case study featuring Pablo and his tax returns), there is no other place where you can discuss in detail every aspect of competition procedure. This is the stuff that very often determines the outcomes of cases and, if you come, you will realize it is fun too.

2. What else would you rather be doing on the afternoons of Friday 18 May, 25 May and 1 June?

3. In 3 intensive 5-hour sessions you will be privy to the inner-workings of competition cases, to case-winning ideas and to a formidable syllabus that you will never have time to read.

4. You will receive a lecture from the handsome man depicted above. And he may perhaps invite you to a round of beers afterwards* (*Disclaimer: Offer Conditional on Evaluation Form).

5. The upcoming module at the Brussels School of Competition has recently been awarded the Chillin’Competition prize as the “Best Module on Procedure at the Brussels School of Competition“. My co-lecturers Nicholas Khan QC (EC Legal Service) and Konstantin J├Ârgens (Garrigues) are also respectively ranked as the “Best Public Official Teaching in the Procedural Module” and as the “Top-German Lawyer Teaching in the Procedural Module“. I myself have been listed as “Leading Under 36 Above 34 Lecturer on Procedure” and “Lecturer to watch” ­čśë

P.S. The description above should probably receive a Chillin’Competition Writing Award for “Best Description of a Competition Law Module on Procedure at the BSC“.

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

8 May 2018 at 5:49 pm

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