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Mandatory reads

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There’s clearly an excessive output a fair amount of competition law publications and presentations out there. That certainly includes us too. It’s difficult to discern what to read and what not in your limited time. I have a folder of “pending reads” where I accumulate stuff that will often not be read. 

But there are some publications that never make it to that folder, because I always read them right away:

-These include any article published by Hearing Officer Wouter Wils.  Wouter recently published a piece on Legal Professional Privilege that is a must-read. It is available here. On the same topic, Eric Gippini’s 2004 Fordham article is another reading that should be mandatory for lawyers. Both now feature together in our syllabus for the module on competititon procedure at the BSC.

-These also include Fernando Castillos annual presentations on cartel case law at the ULB. This have become a essential facility for all lawyers who would rather not read some several thousands pages of cartel case law, so pretty much everyone. As such, we requested Fernando access, and permission to make these available. And he kindly accepted to make his work open-source. Some time ago we provided you with his presentations covering the period 2009-2016 (see here) (unsurprisingly, there were many hundreds of downloads for those). Today we offer you his most recent presentations, covering 2017 and 2018:

Cartels 2017_Fernando Castillo

Cartels 2018 Fernando Castillo



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26 February 2019 at 11:52 am

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