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GCR Awards- Thank you!

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Last night in Washington DC Pablo and I received, respectively, the Global Competition Review “Academic Excellence” and “Lawyer of the Year (under 40)” awards.

Thanks so much to GCR for selecting us and to all those of you who, ignoring your conscience and against your best judgment, took a moment to vote for us 😉

Pablo’s award, following two previous nominations, is objectively and unquestionably deserved. It’s a recognition to his unique intelligence, hard and public work, honesty and influence in competition law globally. I was honoured to receive the award on his behalf and couldn’t be more proud of my co-blogger and friend.

My award is more subjective, as good lawyering involves many dimensions that are often not public, almost always attributable to a larger team and, in any event, impossible to objectively assess. But I don’t really mind that the awards isn’t necessarily about great lawyering. What matters to me is that so many people cared enough to give their support. Thanks to all of them and to my clients, colleagues, my firm and, above all, family, for permitting me to do what I like.

I’m also very proud of all my colleagues at Garrigues for being among the four shortlisted candidates to the EU Regional Firm of the Year Award.

Congrats to all other nominees and winners and, once again, thank you!!

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

27 March 2019 at 7:49 am

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  1. Atención Alfonso Lamadrid and Pablo Ibanez Colomo – Buenos dias a los dos. Excelente para leer las noticias. Felicitaciones por su éxito en el Global Competition Review “Academic Excellence” and “Lawyer of the Year (under 40)” awards. Very well deserved – your productive contribution to competition law is extraordinary, highly respected and a must read. No doubt the best is yet to come – wishing you and yours happiness, health, wisdom and wealth on your journey, the story of which is a delight to witness – may you keep up the great work you guys do – Muchísimas gracias por el conocimiento que comparte. Estoy seguro de que hablo por muchos cuando digo mucho que apreciamos mucho su contribución

    Graeme Gilfillan

    27 March 2019 at 9:50 am

  2. Congratulations to both of you! Let me know if you want to meet if still in DC

    Ans Amador

    27 March 2019 at 12:04 pm

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