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Today in the FT: An open letter on EU competition policy

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open letter

On Chillin’Competition we have always been for fair, objective, neutral and consistent rules and enforcement. Rules and cases should not be designed to favor (nor to challenge) only certain companies.

The debate surrounding the Siemens/Alstom deal triggered important debates around these issues at the legal and political levels. Both Pablo (here) and myself (here) contributed to that debate with our own views.

Today the Financial Times has published an open letter signed by 92 competition lawyers and economists (myself included), organised by Vanessa Turner, standing up for our current and time tested system, based only on the law and on the facts.

The letter is available here. For those with no access, here is a PDF version: Open letter on EU competition policy (FT)

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

30 April 2019 at 11:57 am

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