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Chillin’Competition Conference 2019- The Videos

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Sponsors Chillin 2019

Thanks a million to all those of you who attended, sponsored, wanted to attend, or otherwise followed our conference last Monday. We felt it was interesting, chilled, decaffeinated ,and fun, and we were happy to see so many friends from all over the world. Vice-President Vestager did us the honor of announcing the revision of the market definition notice at the conference. General Court President van der Woude provided his insightful views on the past, present and future of EU judicial review. We are particularly grateful to the two of them for their support.

With this conference we always wanted to do something substantive but refreshing, and also something balanced, with no particular agenda. Thanks to you, to our sponsors and to the excellent speakers and friends who have accepted our invitations, this conference has become a significant event in only 5 editions.

This time we were “only” able to accomodate 450 people, while close to 500 remained in the waitlist (most of whom had registered on day 1!). We will do our best to fix that in the furure.  In case you couldn’t make it, here are the videos (which, however, do not capture the best thing about this conference: its atmosphere).

Here are the videos:

Introduction- The 10 Year Challenge (Alfonso Lamadrid)

Keynote by General Court President (Marc van der Woude)

Keynote by European Commission Executive Vice-President (Margrethe Vestager)

TED@Chillin’Competition “Our Data/ Our Future” (Jorge Padilla)

TED@Chillin’Competition “Hey Dude, for Pete’s Sake, you’re 30. It’s no longer cute to be so ?#@*&% disorganized. Grow up and focus on the essentials!” (Frank Montag)

InstantYoutubeHit@Chillin’Competition “A Rap on Competition” (Philip Marsden)

TED@Chillin’Competition “Sustainable Competition Policy”  (Maurits Dolmans)

10 Years of Competition Enforcement by the European Commission(featuring Nicolas Petit, Kim Dietzel, Kai-Uwe Khühn, Lars Kjolbye, Vanessa Turner and Lewis Crofts)

Articulating the Effects-Based Approach (featuring Svend Albaeck, Christian Ahlborn, Avantika Chowdhury, James Killick, Christian Riis-Madsen and Pablo Ibañez Colomo)

[P.S. Due to a technical problem we have no videos of two panels, the discussion with Renata Hese, John Sutton and Heike Schweitzer and the last panel on the burden of proof featuring Eric Barbier de la Serre, Kevin Coates, Leigh Hancher, Kristina Nordlander and Nigel Parr. But we’ll try do something about that soon]



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12 December 2019 at 11:07 am

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