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A symposium on ‘Big Tech & The Digital Economy’, by Nicolas Petit: Part I

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Nicolas Petit, founder of Chillin’ Competition, has recently published (with Oxford University Press) his long awaited volume, in which he discusses the ‘moligopoly scenario’ (see here).

Having read some earlier drafts, I can say that Nicolas, as a genuine academic entrepreneur, was not afraid to take risks: a lawyer by training, he ventures beyond his comfort zone and comes up with something of a hybrid for which there are no clear precedents.

Nicolas had the idea of organising a mini-symposium on his book. He has brought together an impressive group of European scholars, who have drafted their blog post-style reflections on the monograph.

Chillin’ Competition will be presenting these contributions in two instalments. This first features the following:

How do you solve a problem like Maria Big Tech?, by Pınar Akman

LaTeX Antitrust, by Thibault Schrepel

Big Tech and the Digital Economy: the muddled middle in a polarized debate?, by Anna Gerbrandy

Regulating digital platforms: the last dance of antitrust?, by Giuseppe Colangelo

Enjoy! More contributions next week.

Written by Pablo Ibanez Colomo

22 October 2020 at 9:13 am

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