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New publications: Self-Preferencing (World Competition) and Anticompetitive Effects in EU Competition Law (JCLE)

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The year is coming to close and, true to form, there is still plenty of fear and uncertainty in the air (even more so if, like myself, you happen to be in the UK).

The above said, looking back to the things we have done over the past twelve months always manages to bring a kernel of satisfaction amid the exceptional circumstances. I was recently reminded of a few of these when I was notified that two of my papers have been released by the journals to which I submitted them.

My paper on Self-Preferencing (see here for the pre-edited version available on ssrn) has recently come out in this year’s last issue of World Competition (see here), which is a great one. Giorgio Monti‘s paper on CK Telecoms definitely deserves a read. The editorial team was lovely and efficient (I am, in fact, proud that a paper of mine finally comes out with them).

My paper on Anticompetitive Effects in EU Competition Law (see here for the pre-edited version) is already available as an advanced article on the website of the Journal of Competition Law & Economics (see here), alongside some inspiring pieces (this one by Stavros Makris was a discovery). The team was not any less amazing (and my paper, full of figures and tables, was admittedly not the easiest one to handle).

My thanks go again to all among you who provided comments on these two pieces (I certainly welcome more). I look forward to sharing more ideas in the coming year (if anything because it is one of the things that keeps us sane).

Written by Pablo Ibanez Colomo

21 December 2020 at 4:16 pm

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