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Rubén Perea Award: 1st Special Issue published in JECLAP

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We are delighted to announce that the Special Issue devoted to the Inaugural Rubén Perea Award is now available on JECLAP’s website.

The issue opens with Rubén’s LLM dissertation and with a lovely editorial (freely available), Competition Law and Friendship, where Lena Hornkohl and David Pérez de Lamo pay tribute to Rubén and introduce the first of (we expect and hope) many editions of the award.

The compilation of articles is the result of the hard work of the jury (namely Alfonso, Lena and David together with Damien Gerard, Michele Piergiovanni, and Gianni De Stefano).  

The articles included in the Special Issue are the following:

The ECN+ Directive and the Next Steps for Independence in Competition Law Enforcement, by Rubén Perea Molleda

Abuse of Dominance in Digital Markets: Can Amazon’s Collection and Use of Third-Party Sellers’ Data Constitute an Abuse of a Dominant Position Under the Legal Standards Developed by the European Courts for Article 102 TFEU?, by Vladya M K Reverdin (Winner of the Inaugural Award).

The Selective Advantage Criterion in Tax Rulings: The Path Towards a More Coherent and Thorough Analysis of Selectivity, by Nieves Bayón Fernández

When Does Algorithmic Pricing Result In an Intra-Platform Anticompetitive Agreement or Concerted Practice? The Case of Uber In the Framework of EU Competition Law, by Hubert Bekisz

At the Mercy of the Gatekeeper: The Theory and Practice of Undertakings’ Fundamental Rights in the EU Cartel Settlement Procedure, by Ştefan Ciubotaru

Which Sustainability Agreements Are Not Caught by Article 101 (1) TFEU?, by David Wouters

We will provide via the blog the details on how to take part in the Second Edition of the Award. Do not hesitate to come back to us for any questions about it.

Needless to say, we very much welcome, in the meantime, your contributions to JECLAP. More information for prospective authors can be found here.

Written by Pablo Ibanez Colomo

8 April 2021 at 1:08 pm

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