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2021: a year in publications (on blogging and research)

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As the year comes to a close, we are all tempted, to a greater or lesser extent, to look back at what has happened (which, in 2021, is definitely a lot, both for reasons within and outside our control). As an academic, my reflex is to update my CV with the papers I have published in the past twelve months.

A thought that came to mind as I was writing down the titles is how much I owe to the blog. Many of the ideas found in them were first tried and sketched via this medium, and your reactions have often contributed to refining and improving the arguments. In some cases, I would never have come up with the idea in the first place had I not bumped into (and taken part in) some discussions.

In short: the blog has become inseparable from my research activity, and the latter has improved a great deal as a result. Thanks very much all! I very much hope 2022 will bring more lively debates on legal matters.

The papers published in 2021 are the following (and it is never too late to provide comments and suggestions, by the way):

EU Merger Control Between Law and Discretion: When Is an Impediment to Effective Competition Significant?‘ (2021) 44 World Competition 347-372 (a working paper version can be accessed here)

Anticompetitive Effects in EU Competition Law (2021) 17 Journal of Competition Law & Economics 309–363 (a working paper version can be accessed here)

The Draft Digital Markets Act: A Legal and Institutional Analysis (2021) 12 Journal of European Competition Law & Practice 561–575 (a working paper version can be accessed here)

The role and limits of competition law in digital markets: on the reports and the reforms proposed (2021) 29 Zeitschrift für Europäisches Privatrecht 8-34 (a similar paper, under the title ‘What Can Competition Law Achieve in Digital Markets? An Analysis of the Reforms Proposed’, can be accessed here

Vertical Restraints after Generics and Budapest Bank (2021) 18 Concurrences 8  (a working paper version can be accessed here)

Territorial Restrictions in EU Competition Law: From Consten-Grundig To Ping and Pay-TV in Adina Claici and Denis Waelbroeck (eds), Vertical Restraints in The Digital Economy: Vertical Block Exemption Regulation Reform and the Future of Distribution (Kluwer 2021) (a working paper version can be accessed here)

Some of the papers that I have already presented in draft form are going through the usual editorial process, and I hope I will be coming back with updates in the coming weeks. Thanks so much again!

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27 December 2021 at 7:18 pm

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