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Slides of the 40th GCLC Lunch Talk – Verticals Review

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Two weeks ago, the GCLC held its 40th Lunch Talk on the review of the rules applicable to vertical agreements. I attach the slides of C. Rakovsky and S. Kinsella.

2009.10.05 – SK slides for GCLC Lunch Talk 18 Sep 09

Review Vertical Restraints – 18 Sept 2009

Written by Nicolas Petit

5 October 2009 at 7:31 pm

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New GCLC Working Paper

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Dan Sokol (University of Florida), has a new GCLC Working Paper (02/09) entitled “Limiting Anti-Competitive Government Interventions That Benefit Special Interests.   Timely paper. Public restrictions of competition are  indeed an under-researched area of competition law.  In addition, in the current post-crisis context, governments are increasingly tempted to make use of heavy-handed regulatory instruments.

Should you have a draft paper that you would like to submit for publication in the GCLC WP series, please send it to me.

Written by Nicolas Petit

5 October 2009 at 5:20 am