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New GCLC Working Papers on Vertical Mergers

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A. Ramos, T. Mohan and F. Carloni (Howrey LLP)’s paper on vertical mergers has just been accepted for publication in the GCLC WP Series. Their paper discusses the Commission’s practice in applying the 2008 guidelines on non-horizontal mergers. It focuses on two cases on which, to date, there has been only little literature, i.e. Nokia/Navteq and Tom Tom/TeleAtlas.

Please note that the GCLC welcomes submissions for publications into the WP series. Papers should be sent directly to me. Publication in the WP series in no way prevents later publication in a regular competition law journal. On the contrary, publishers generally appreciate when a paper undergoes some empirical testing through a WP, prior, publication.

Written by Nicolas Petit

25 October 2009 at 11:40 am