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Chilling Competition’s Editorial Policy – A Clarification

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It has been suggested yesterday in a comment to a previous post that the views expressed on this blog may be influenced by the fact that our previous employers represented specific interests in competition cases. Since this blog in no way constitutes a forum for pushing client related arguments, the author of the abovementioned comment, Alfonso and I have agreed to eliminate it.

As the authors of this blog, we nevertheless believe it is appropriate to make certain clarifications regarding Chilling Competition‘s general editorial policy. While in the past, both of us surely benefited from conversations with our former colleagues over pending competition law issues, we no longer are related to those law firms anymore.

In addition, whenever Alfonso or I have been personally involved in a case commented in the blog, we have always made that clear, applying a full disclosure rule.

The views expressed in all posts are thus strictly personal. They may be shared by clients of our former employers, but they may as well not be in line with their interests, or those of possible future employers.

We do however welcome comments from anyone who wishes to express substantiated views supporting, criticizing, or discarding our opinions. This is in fact the main purpose of our blog.

Alfonso and Nicolas

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Written by Nicolas Petit

8 December 2009 at 1:00 am

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