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Dissertation Summaries (10) – LLM in IP and Competition Law 2009-2010

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Green Technology Licenses: Strategies and Practices – Uliana Sylvia (

Developing countries have traditionally claimed that the strong intellectual property rights covering (green) technologies in developed countries prevented the implementation of environmental friendly standards to their domestic productions. The debate on this issue has recently been rejuvenated by the Copenhagen conference, and it is now increasingly admitted that developing countries urgently need access to climate change technologies (e.g., technology for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy sources …). The purpose of this dissertation is to review which IPRs strategies (roundtables, negotiations, etc.) are likely to promote voluntary technology transfer, development and innovation collaboration in climate change technology between developed and developing countries. In this context, it focuses on identifying concrete, practical, measures which may support climate change technology cooperation between developed and developing countries.

Written by Nicolas Petit

6 January 2010 at 10:03 am

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