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  • From Formalism to Effects? The Commission’s Communication on Enforcement Priorities in Applying Article 82 ECWorld Competition 2009(4) – This is a written, extended, version of a speech I delivered in July 2009 at the Polish Office for the Protection of Competition and Consumers. Thanks again to S. Jozwiak and the President of the Office for their kind invitation.
  • Chronique de l’affaire Belgacom/Scarlett – La fin de la récréation pour l’opérateur historique? – I wrote this paper with a former Howrey colleague, Ief Daems. The paper argues that the Belgian Competition Council has seemingly decided to follow a stronger enforcement policy in the telecoms sector. Yet, a number of flaws remain. In particular, it questions (i) wether the network divesture remedy imposed by the Council, and the conditions attached to it, are really effective; and (ii) the opportunity of allowing a State-owned company to acquire the business divested by Belgacom…

Written by Nicolas Petit

13 January 2010 at 8:00 am

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