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Slides of the 44th GCLC Lunch Talk on the Lisbon Treaty

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I post hereafter the slides presented at last week’s GCLC lunch talk on the Lisbon Treaty and the Future of Competition Policy. They include presentations by Prof Alan Riley (CULondon) and Eric Morgan de Rivery (JonesDay). A most  interesting event (and my first time presiding a GCLC lunch talk).

Now, a little advertising: contrary to the dominant viewpoint that the fundamentals of competition policy remain stable after Lisbon, I have developped arguments to the effect that the elimination of Article 3(1)g) had the potential to fragilize EU competition policy as a whole. See the paper below (in French) and my recent Antitrust Chronicle paper with Norman Neyrinck, my assistant.

Traité de Lisbonne_Revue Fac de droit

Alan’s position is virtually similar, with  further arguments taken from public international law principles (the Vienna convention) and the recent financial and economic crisis. Please also note that  Alan’s position has been further explored in Chris Townley’s brilliant book on public policy principles under Article 101(3) TFEU.

GCLC – Slides Alan Riley – The Competition Protocol

GCLC – Slides Eric Morgan de Rivery – The Future of Competition Policy – Institutions and Procedure

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3 May 2010 at 10:24 am

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