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A Message of Hope, and some Food for Thougt

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The unofficial purpose of this post is to send a message of hope to all our readers who believe that each and every email shall be answered in the minute. Some organizations are there to help you turn your blackberry off. Please note in addition, that from a time management perspective, checking emails on a live, constant basis is wholly inefficient and disruptive.

Those  communications-related words allow me to jump to the official topic of this post. The last weeks here have been very telco oriented, with a talk at IIC forum (I eventually could not make it) on telcos, and a successful conference on Friday.

I attach the slides of the conference hereafter

Creation and purpose of Berec J.Doherty

Electronic Communications regulatory framework.Next steps- Giuseppe Conte

Functional Separation. Evolution, Revolution or Step back- Boaz Moselle

Institutional Issues in the EU regulatory Framework – NRAs – Axel Desmedt

NGA Regulation- Pascal Dutru

The New telecoms package-Ripe for reform,again- Andrea Renda

Spectrum Regulation under the New Eu Framework- Phillipa Marks

Written by Nicolas Petit

6 May 2010 at 8:22 am