Relaxing whilst doing Competition Law is not an Oxymoron


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In our small epistemic community, many people view antitrust law as a superiorly complex subject – one which laymen cannot understand. Also, I have noticed that many antitrust professionnals display little humility, and view themselves as superiorly intellectual (I hope I am not concerned).

Now, if you wanna see real “brains“, please check this truly superb documentary on Fermat’s theorem.

Found on optimum.

Written by Nicolas Petit

16 September 2010 at 4:53 pm

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2 Responses

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  1. I fully agree with the observation, even though what we do is by no means rocket science.In any case, doesn´t the reputation of being an uncomprehensible and complex subject undermine the prestige of competition law within the legal community?

    Alfonso Lamadrid

    17 September 2010 at 4:28 pm

  2. I am surprised to hear that many antitrust professionals think that way. Economists who do theory look down on macro and applied economists and competition is mainly a field of applied economics. Moreover, mathematicians and hard core scientists (like physicists) look down on “soft science”, like economics (or psychology). Some don’t even consider it to be science at all. So competition economics is pretty low on the ladder of intelectual difficulty.


    27 September 2010 at 3:07 pm

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