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Rock and Law + The Legal Run

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In the past few days we have posted stuff on Competition Parties, Competition Tourism , Fine Arts in Brussels and even on competition law manga.  To complete this string of posts on competition law and leisure time we wanted to publicize and praise a couple of worthy initiatives undertaken by some law firms and in which a more than fair representation of competition lawyers (as well as a handful of readers of this blog) are participating:

The first one is “Rock and Law” a beneficial concert night which will take place in Madrid on the 16th of June with the participation of rock bands from Garrigues, Clifford Chance,  Freshfields, Uría Menéndez, Ashurst, Cuatrecasas, Gómez Acebo &Pombo, CMS Albiñana, and Baker& McKenzie. Last year this event was a tremendous success, and I bet that this edition will top its predecessor.

Competition lawyers will be very well represented in Rock and Law with the band “The members of the Bar” (also called “The Whistleblowers” when under a different formation); two of their components , Carlos Vérgez and Enrique Carrera , are (apart from readers of this blog and good friends) almost as good with the guitar as they are with competition law (and I mean this as a compliment!)

The second initiative I was referring to is “The Legal run”, a fundraising activity organized by the Brussels in the framework of the Brussels 20 K, which will be taking place next Sunday. Although not necessarily registered through the Legal Run, a good bunch of competition lawyers will be taking part in this race (although fewer than expected; a number of ex-Howreys had reportedly been registered by the (ex)firm but their entries were subsequenlty withdrawn without notice. What are liquidators for if not for these things?).  We´re willing to offer one of our already famous prizes to the fastest competition lawyer taking part in the race, so feel free to send us your times.

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

20 May 2011 at 3:10 pm