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Are above-cost selective price cuts abusive? AG Mengozzi´s Opinion in Post Danmark (Case C-209/10)

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Yesterday, Advocate General Mengozzi delivered an interesting Opinion in the Post Danmark v Konkurrenceradet case (C-209/10) (Not yet available in English).

This case has its origin on a preliminary reference submitted by the Danish Hojesteret which asks the ECJ whether it can be concluded that a dominant company which sets selectively low but non-predarory prices to be applied to three large customers of its main competitor can be held to have abused its dominant position when there is no evidence of any strategy aimed at excluding its competitor. The Danish Court also asked about the relevant additional elements that must be taken into consideration before concluding that selective above-cost pricing is illegal.

One of the main remarkable aspects of this Opinion is that it names Nicolas as authorized doctrine (this reflects the current level of antitrust doctrine.. ) 😉  But we´ll come back to that later.

Mengozzi´s Opinion is interesting in several respects. If you´re interested on a fairly detailed and hastily written identification of its highlights, click here to keep reading.

(Warning: as many cost-related discussions this one can be a bit tedious for some lawyers).

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25 May 2011 at 11:02 pm

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