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Competition Video

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The video footage of the 2011 ICN conference was just posted online. It confirms several “on-the-spot”  impressions:

  • Our dutch friends still use human navigation systems, 0’52
  • White walls and black doors make a “boombastic“, “unique” architecture, 1’03
  • Museums can be funny places, 1’57 (I will not disclose identities)
  • Live performance piracy was pervasive,   3’11
  • Some people were very hungry when they reached The Hague, 3’50
  • John Turturro  Fingleton attended the event, 4’05
  • Speeches during black-tie dinners can actually be hilarious, 7’16
  • Excellent officials also have terrific dancing skills (check the video on the left, in the back), 7’40-7’42

More seriously, the conference was a great event.

Written by Nicolas Petit

7 June 2011 at 5:10 pm