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Competition (?) Press Clips

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Many recent news appear somewhat different when looked at from the perspective of an antitrust geek professional. Some quick examples:

Novel anticompetitive practices? Pizza maker charged with using mice against competition

An EU sponsored cartel? “The EU will have to agree with rating agencies to ensure that none of them declares the Greek rollover as a default” 

(An interesting case study of oligopolistic behavior: monitoring is easy, and the EU certainly has credible retaliatory mechanisms at its disposal…)

“The successful competitor, having been urged to compete, must not be turned upon when he wins” Man dies after winning vodka-drinking competition

Similar perils arising from too vigorous competition: Man dies in sauna competition; Man dies in cake-eating competition

A successful maverick? Roland Bunce wins next top model competition

There were a couple of “real” antitrust news too:

Google´s subpoenas Feds to launch probe of Google

European Commission fines Telekomunikacja Polska

One of our posts quoted by Bloomberg Edison, Air Liquide EU Rulings May Aid Fine Cuts, Lawyers Say 

Finally (and I promise this is not a joke either), the last of our Press Clips is a further illustration of the Spanish Competition Commission´s proactiveness:

 The CNC fines various associations in the Press Clippings Sector


Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

24 June 2011 at 1:25 pm