Relaxing whilst doing Competition Law is not an Oxymoron

Our Fordham Paper

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Just before the summer we anticipated that Chillin´Competition readers would have a virtual seat at the mother of all antitrust conferences Fordham´s Annual Antitrust Conference (see here and here). As you may recall, Luis Ortiz Blanco had been asked  by Barry Hawk to chair a panel on European competition law enforcement featuring a very impressive line-up of speakers (namely Alexander Italianer, John Finfleton, Bruno Lasserre, Andreas Mundt, and Manuel Sebastiao).

Luis and I decided that it could be interesting to profit from this opportunity to draft a paper examining the current state of EU competition law enforcement in terms of effectiveness and uniformity. We decided to draft an unorthodox paper which touches upon many issues and that concludes every section with a question. Those questions were the ones posed to the panelists at the roundtable. 

The brainstorming work that preceded the drafting of the paper was mainly based on the suggestions and ideas that we received from readers of this blog. Accordingly, Barry Hawk has given us his very kind permission to post the version of the paper that was distributed at the conference on this blog.

Here it is:  Ortiz & Lamadrid_European Comp. L. Enforcement 

(Considering that drafting this took a substantial portion of my summer holidays, I really hope that at least one or two of you read it! )

Our intention is to edit it and turn it into a standard academic paper with a view to its publication in the annual volume edited by Barry Hawk.  Any comments that any of you may have on the current version of the paper would therefore be most welcome and, of course, duly acknowledged.

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

30 September 2011 at 1:13 pm

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  1. […] by current precedents, and, yes, sometimes the chances of suceeding before the Courts. [In our Fordham paper Luis Ortiz and I asked the main competition enforcers in Europe about this; their replies are only […]

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