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Antitrust Writing Awards

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The Institute of Competition Law – the publisher of the journal Concurrences and the e-Competitions Bulletin – and George Washington University Law School, are giving, for the first time, Antitrust Writing Awards. Congrats to Concurrences  (with whom, by the way, we have a “partnership” agreement) and to GW University for this great initiative.

Now, the competition for these awards takes place within two distinct relevant markets: there is a category for “Academic Articles” (articles published in academis journals) and another for “Business Articles” (published in professional magazines, alert memos or newsletters).  As with all market definitions, this one also entails some debatable elements: in the category for “Academic Articles”  thereare 5 pages online papers competing against 50 papers published on reputed journals? Do these belong within the same relevant market?

The decisions with regard to the shortlist of eligible articles were made by the Editorial Committee and then by the Steering Committe of the Institute for Competition Law. The final decisions on the winners are made by the members or the Board of the Institute, who take into account reader’s votes as registered by the Concurrences website.

Nicolas is nominated in the category for Academic Articles. You can click here to vote for his article on Credit Rating Agencies, the Sovereign Debt Crisis and Competition Law

P.S. I’ve never said this here, but if I wasn’t an antitrust lawyer I wouldn’t have mind being a campaign manager, so this is my chance to put at test the use of blogs in campaigning 😉

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

8 February 2012 at 2:37 pm